Chairman's Chat

Summer is here at last. Ok, so it may not be warm but its now light until around 8.00pm which means that the majority of our Club Nights for the next six months will take place in daylight. Put your headtorch in the drawer, tidy away your leggings and dig out your shades!!! With the evenings being lighter, we can offer more variety, run around a few different places and worry less about losing people in the darkness.

In last month's Newsletter, I asked for volunteers:
The Club is looking for a Race Organiser (thankfully Pete and Ashley have agreed to stay in position for 2020 but they won't want to stay in charge of Doynton and Rodway respectively for ever); we would love to add a third race to our portfolio and we have many ideas.
  • We need more Run Leaders which would allow us to stage more and more varied training sessions
  • We would like another Running Coach - at the moment, the Club only has one (me)
  • We would like someone, or a handful of someones, to help setup and lead EGRC Juniors
Disappointingly, we only had one member respond to my pleas (thank you L). I am pleased to report that after a gentle nag at last Thursday's Club Night, a few more members expressed interest in getting involved (thank you G, J & M). Please do consider how you might spare a little time to help your Club and do get in touch if you would like to find out more information.

Our Club Charity for 2019, Cardiac Risk in the Young.
I thought I would take this opportunity to elaborate on why your Committee chose to pick a Club Charity. Across the year, we stage a number of events that act as fundraisers for charity; over the years we have supported Red Nose Day and Sport Relief for example and you have played your part in running miles that the club converts to cash, baking cakes, rattling collection buckets in pubs or simply donating. But we thought it would be great if we combined our efforts, banked monies raised across a twelve month period and then made a (hopefully large) donation to one charity at the end of the year. You can help in a number of ways:
  • Set yourself a challenge or enter a race and seek sponsorship for the Club Charity
  • Stage an event (quiz night, race night, disco etc) to fundraise - we will help promote and put your event in front of almost 200 members and their families
  • If you can't run a race you have entered, give it to someone else (provided the organizer permits it) in exchange for a donation to the Club Charity
  • Take part in one of our fundraising events - there is a quiz coming soon, more details in the Noticeboard section of the Newsletter

If you need our bank details to pay any monies in, here they are: 

Account: 93556042
Sort Code: 20-13-67

Here's the link to the Club Charity:

Your assistance in any way is greatly appreciated.

Happy Running

Neil - Club Chairman